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In today’s digital economy, technology is driving every industry and many of the fastest growing career opportunities are in tech. As traditional roles evolve, digital literacy has become an essential skill.

We’re here to help you navigate this digital shift.

Mapping Calgary’s Digital Future:
Tech employment opportunities for displaced workers


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Most Livable City
In The World

Did You Know?

Calgary is the 5th most livable city in the world
The Economist Intelligence Unit, 2019

Commercial Drone Testing

Calgary is one of the first major cities in North America to allow for mass testing of commercial drones.

Calgary Economic Development, 2018

Geospatial, Navigation & UAV Companies

Headquartered in Alberta and mostly based in Calgary.
Calgary Economic Development, 2018

Competitive Talent Market

Calgary is one of the most competitive
Tech Talent markets in Canada.

CBRE, 2019.

High Tech Workers

Calgary has the highest concentration
of high tech workers of Canadian cities.

Brookfield Institute, January 2019

A Dynamic Centre For Learning

Calgary is also a dynamic centre for learning, offering outstanding educational options including seven universities and colleges, providing world-class programs, continuing education options, and training resources.

The University of Calgary has been ranked 6th of the top 50 research universities in Canada.

Research Infosource Inc, 2018

More Patents Per Capita

Calgary has more patents per capita than the rest of Canada.

C.D. Howe Institute, 2018

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